IT Asset Management and DCIM with FNT

Extend your ABB Ability™ Data Center Automation system with FNT Data Center Management for ABB, and add Inventory & Lifecycle Management, Cable & Patch Management, Capacity Management & Optimization to your one, integrated solution.

Together with our partner FNT (, ABB is able to provide the full range of data center management tools, so that no matter your business or technical challenge, you have the capabilities that you need. Best of all, it’s all sold and supported by ABB. 

FNT is a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT, data center and telecommunication infrastructures.

FNT Data Center Management for ABB

The Data Center Management solution from FNT enables easy control of all key analysis, planning, and management tasks and supports you in the running of your data center, for example:
  • Detailed planning of future business needs and full implementation of IMAC (Install Move Add Change) processes
  • Analysis and identification of unused capacity
  • Analysis and planning of resource and energy efficiency
  • Validation of planning and analysis based on monitoring data
  • Data center consolidation projects
  • Planning and establishment of new data centers, including setup planning 
  • Documenting use of financial resources in the data center and cost analysis
  • Modifications and migration to new technologies and architectures
  • Monitoring and analysis of energy consumption  and performance for individual assets
  • Documentation of data center efficiency in accordance with legislation and internal compliance policies
  • Preparation for audits

Maximize your data center productivity with ABB and FNT

With the fully integrated solution, you can:
  • Feed real-time power and cooling information into your capacity planning process for precise decision making. No more guessing about usage or available capacity.
  • Track PDU to Rack connections and automatically ‘roll-up’ power consumption by circuit in real-time. No need to add special calculations to totalize power.
  • Assign racks and circuits to tenants and synchronize those relationships with the monitoring system. Now you can easily create tenant-based power consumption reports and alarms.
  • View your rack configurations directly in the ABB AbilityTM Data Center Automation workplace. Get the information you need when you need it.

Enterprise data centers can use the system to manage and monitor all their assets, as well as streamline their Moves, Adds and Changes.

Colocation data centers can use the system to track their customer's assets and circuit connections, as well as automatically generate energy usage reports.

View rack details from your automation system

Features highlights

Planning and Dashboarding

  • Analysis of climate, power capacity, and floor utilization per room
  • Current status vs. planned status
  • Climate control and planning 
  • Forecast and historical data

Floor Planning and 3D Footprint

  • True-to-scale plan
  • Multilayer – underfloor, floor, ceiling
  • Calculation of threshold values
  • Detailed device and component view
  • Analysis of space usage
  • Navigate through the as-is and to-be data center
  • Capacity Analysis for power, climate / cooling, weight, space and ports

Cabinet View and Power Management

  • Photo-realistic view
  • CI library > 50,000 components
  • Graphical database content
  • Intelligent components with plausibility checks
  • Distributor panels and fuses, placement in graphical view

IT Components and Server Rack Planning

  • Photo-realistic representation of more than 50,000 pre-filled types of IT assets
  • Components with data, such as power consumption, weight, thermal emission, dimensions, etc.
  • Plausibility checks when placed
  • Color-coding for TO-BE and AS-IS status

Choose the software bundles that best fits your needs

The minimum requirement for a basic inventory management system including cabling and patch management for inside the data center. It supports managing moves, adds, and changes for IT and facility assets. It also includes power management as the linking element between the FNT system and ABB Data Center Automation.
- Administration
- Inventory Management
- Power Connectivity
- Intra-Site Connectivity
- Rack Elevation View
- Power Management
- Analytics Viewer
- Analytics Content “Asset”
- ABB Adaptive Interface

Adds space and capacity management features to document room footprints, generate 3D renderings of these rooms, and manage space, power, cooling capacities for sites including historical trending and predictions.

Colocation / Enterprise
- Space Management I Footprint
- DC Capacity
- 3D-View (RO)
- Analytics Content “DC”

Includes ICT aspects such as IPAM and server management

- IP Management
- Server Management
- Software Management
- Analytics Content “ICT

Watch the demos:


According to David Levine, Associate Director of Administrative Technologies for Lakeland Community College, from an operations and maintenance point-of-view, ABB Ability™ Data Center Automation with FNT Software has been a ‘game changer’ for its monitoring, alarm capabilities and planning efficiencies.

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