Decathlon Software and Enterprise Connectivity (ECS) are now ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management

ABB Ability, the industry-leading portfolio of ABB’s digital solutions was commercially launched on March 14, 2017 on ABB Customer World in Houston, United States.

ABB Ability unifies and simplifies the access to all of ABB’s digital solutions that are based on technology leadership, digital expertise and specific industry know-how. ABB's Level 3 software solutions perfectly fit the ABB Ability digital offering. 

Therefore Decathlon Software and Enterprise Connectivity (ECS) now become ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). ABB Ability MOM provides decision-making applications to view and analyze data, create reports, connect to any data source and secure storage of process data for all industries. 

It also includes ABB's Manufacturing Executions System enabling the complete solution for seamless manufacturing and business processes integration, creating true interoperability among all entities involved in the production process.

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