Downtime Management software

Real-time downtime information enables supervisors to make immediate improvements, while long-term data collection aids the detection and investigation of production process related problems

The ECS Downtime Management module enables the collection and tracking of downtime information and causes, as well as real-time communication with equipment and personnel involved. It makes it possible to track time spent on non-productive activities, such as downtime due to cleaning or meetings, and identify idle and rework time.

The system administrator can preconfigure the desired effect (pause or abort) on the affected product units for each downtime reason. Paused units can be resumed by operators as soon as the given downtime reason is resolved (e.g. the missing material is delivered). In cases where the operator cannot make the decision whether the production of a given unit should be continued or not (e.g. due to design problems), the product should be aborted on the workstation. Then production supervisors must decide whether to return the aborted product to the production line or initiate some corrective actions first.


  • Collecting and tracking real-time equipment downtime and interruptions information and causes.
  • Non-productive activities tracking (e.g. downtime due to cleaning), idle and rework time tracking.
  • Configurable effect on a product unit affected with downtime (abort, resume).

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