Labor Management software

Accurate management and tracking of staff attended hours (Join/Leave) and activities on a given product against defined production time.

Labor management  consists of dealing with tasks (joining and leaving them) and booking time on finished tasks.

Production calendars allow configuration of shifts, working time, exceptional days, and operation mode.

Key features:

  • Tracking of time spent by particular employee working on a given product;
  • Tracking of activities that employee performs working on a given product;
  • Configurable and automatic control of employee’s activities;
  • Entering labor data directly by employee;
  • Real time labor data collecting;
  • Possibility of manual offline data collecting;
  • Management view for on-line results monitoring;
  • Automatic and manual time declaration;
  • Configurable functionality variants;
  • Insight into manpower cost during production process.
  • Reporting details to ERP

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