Manufacturing Quality Management software

Recognize and respond to quality challenges with an effective quality data collection process, increase production process productivity by developing and implementing improvement actions.

Quality Management is a part of the ECS system that enables the collection of production related data. This is done by defining sets of customized measurements that must be taken during strictly defined points of production and entered in appropriate forms. Its flexible  design and variety of configuration options makes it useful in numerous, varying scenarios. Most configurations can be done by users with administrative privileges using a specially created graphical user interface. The operator’s view is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use.

This module is divided into two parts: the Quality plug-in and NCR (non conformity report) plug-in.


  • Integrated quality management, including quality parameters management, manual or automatic data collection, product test certificates.
  • In-process quality control
  • Automatic tolerance validation
  • Manual or automatic reporting of non-conformities
  • Checklists support.

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Proactive enforcement of quality and compliance measures

Real time laboratory interaction with the production

Non-conformity reporting

Rework loops: Optional paths workflow options for product redirecting

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