Warehouse Management software

Insights to drive inventory turns improvements and inventory reduction

The main purpose of Warehouse Management is to provide a detailed overview of material storage and support material movement processes within warehouses and its elements. Create material storage structures by defining warehouses and warehouse elements, and manage concrete material instances, represented as packages additionally specified by their material definitions.

Warehouse Management supports silo management as well. Silos are defined as a specific type of material storage which contains silo layers. A layer mixing operation is also available during silo refilling.

The Warehouse Management data structure fits the requirements for standard warehouse management systems (WMS). It was developed in order to satisfy most general WMS system demands. The Warehouse Admin plug-in provides a user interface for warehouse management, and allows ECS users to execute a wide variety of defined actions, including administration, material moves and connecting to other parts of ECS.


  • Management of material storage locations and levels.
  • Support for material movement within warehouses and its elements (cells, packages, silo’s, containers etc).
  • Material compatibility management.
  • Integration with external warehouses and inventory management systems.

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