Manufacturing Operations Management - Batch View, Batch Investigate and Batch Compare Applications

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Batches can provide a huge amount of data, the results of which are used to report key data related to quality and performance. Investigating deviations and exceptions can be a big task. The Batch applications enable navigate batch data and see the results needed to see without being a database expert.

The Batch View, Batch Investigate and Batch Compare applications provide users such as process engineers a fast and easy way to search, view, investigate and compare batch production data generated by 800xA Batch Management.

Batch View and Batch Investigate provide data navigation using the flexible search engine or the familiar Procedure Function Chart (PFC). This allows the process engineer to browse their data in the same way as the recipe was executed. Batch Compare will leverage this navigation to build templates and compare data.

  • Easy access to batch production data with no training required to use
  • Data navigation using familiar PFC displays
  • All in one tool for accessing batch data such as parameters, events, PFC and trend associations viewer
  • Advanced query tool for investigation of deviations and exceptions
Batch View allows the user to browse through batch production data organized by time. The workflow starts with an initial search of campaigns, batches, procedures etc. within a given time scope. The user can browse the search result by either a data tree or by the PFC. Both the data tree and the PFC are context sensitive so locating the data or the place in a recipe where data was recorded is as simple as selecting a point. In addition to the PFC all other related batch data such as parameters, batch and system events, resources, tag data and trend associations are displayed for the selected point in the recipe structure.

Batch Investigate is an extension to the Batch View app adding advanced query capabilities to locate details in any recipe. The result of the query is displayed in the flexible user interface provided by the Batch View app. This enables fast and easy navigation to other points of interest trigged by the initial query. Advanced queries support multiple levels allowing users to create very precise queries by combining query conditions. Example of an advanced query could be “Give me all batches where parameter ChargeAmount is in the range of 150-200 and unit temperature was greater than 50”.

Batch Compare is an additional feature to Batch View and Investigate. Batch View and Investigate are used to locate data reference points. This could be a specific parameter that is a key performance
indicator, process trend association, or simply a duration of batch procedure. The points can come from multiple locations from within a batch or can be from multiple batch Id references. Once a point is located. The desired compare function (parameter, duration, association) is selected and created. This process can be repeated several times with mix of functions that can be combined and saved as a group of tabs that form a template. Each template can have an overview page that provides a quick look at all the comparison points for that template. The templates are saved and can be recalled with their original data comparisons or used to view new comparisons.

MOM Common Services supports connection to several batch data storages. When working in Batch View, Batch Investigate and Batch Compare Applications the user can easily shift between different batch data storage depending on the area of interest.

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