ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management Data collection and storage

Collect, store and organize valuable production data cross your plants control systems and disparate data sources

Complete production insight in industrial plants requires data collection throughout the entire production chain. The Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Common Services Connectivity provides robust, cyber secure high capacity data collections from any control system and interfaces to data that resides in any other data sources e.g. ERP, CMMS, databases or even different types of file systems. ABB Common Services Data Storage provides long time storage of process data and transactional data.

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Connectivity is a set of data connectors, forming a secure, high throughput, high volume connectivity solution for storage of process data and data access to other data sources. On the control system network, Connectivity runs as a data collector software. These data collectors, which can also be redundant, act like mini historians and buffer, store and forward data to the MOM History main server. This concept is robust to manage network failures between control systems network and typical plant Level 3 networks with any data losses. Additionally, this solution is cyber secure using an ABB proprietary encrypted and optimized protocol between the data collector and main server. The data collectors also provide real-time values of all signals, which are stored to MOM History and the ability to securely write data back to the control system including authentication and Audit Trail.

Data collector is available in two variants either as an integrated part of ABB Ability™ System 800xA or as a standalone data collector for other control systems. Integrated with 800xA data collection is configured as part of the standard 800xA engineering workflow. This reduces engineering time, simplifies change management and enable seamless retrieval of long time history data to 800xA workplaces in Trend displays, Event Lists and Excel reporting.  Standalone data collector uses a generic OPC DA, HDA or UA interfaces. Data collection is configured using the MOM History configuration tool including powerful bulk data engineering tools.

  • Reduce engineering time
  • Simplify change management
  • Enable seamless retrieval of long time history data 

For existing users of ABB historians System 800xA Information Management (IM) and Information Management Production Data Log (IM PDL) the IM Accessor and IM PDL Accessor enables a truly cost effective deployment of ABB Ability™ applications. The IM and IM PDL Accessors enables direct access to the years of data already available without a single data collection configuration required. 

Connectivity also provides integration and access to disparate data sources such as databases and ERP systems. MOM Common Services provide standard integration to e.g. SQL Server databases and other data sources are easily integrated using the powerful Accessor concept and templates in the ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management SDK (Software Development Kit).

Leverage the data in your 800xA Information Management 

Data Storage

MOM Data Storage includes both a high capacity History server for typical process data but also the possibility for any transactional data storage in SQL databases using SQL Server Accessor. This enables storage of any type of production data.

MOM Common Services server including History typically resides outside the control system domain and connected to and storing data from several different control systems and other applications using data collectors. History stores large amounts of process data, typical time series data and events, up to 150,000 logs, multi-year storage with high throughput. Aggregated data (e.g. Min, Max, Sum, Average, Minute, Hour, Day and Year) is available as standard calculations. Additional data transformation and calculation is easy applied using the built-in powerful Calculations engine.

Additionally, MOM History server provides well defined ODBC and OPC interfaces for data integration to any other Level 3 system landscape application or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. ABB MOM Common Services server including History will act as a hub connecting various ISA-95 Level 3 system using standard interfaces such as ODBC and OPC DA, HDA or UA.

Enable storage of any type of production data

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