Manufacturing Operations Management - Energy Monitor App - a web-based energy management solution

Flexible Energy Management and Production Monitoring System according to DIN EN ISO 50001 based on the Manufacturing Operations Management platform

The Energy Monitor app is a modern software system solution developed for industrial use in energy intensive industries. Energy costs have become a decisive factor when it comes to cost-efficient production. Energy Monitor can help to cut your energy costs and boost your competitiveness.

Benefits at a glance: 
  • Save energy and document the improvement process
  • Easy to use without installation, also on Smartphone and Tablet, just by a secure login 
  • Support of ISO 50001
  • Configurable, reusable dashboards for standardized energy monitoring

Continually improve energy management to reduce cost and carbon emmissions

Energy Monitor App: reusable, configurable dashboard example

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Create transparency
Identify weak spots
Reduce carbon emissions
Maximize profitability

Energy Management acc. to DIN EN ISO 50001
Energy Monitor App Functions
How your company uses energy will have an impact on both productivity and profitability. Not only personnel but also energy cost and greenhouse emissions are critical factors of production facilities, especially in energy-intensive industries. 

An energy management system may help companies to reduce their energy consumption, continuously improve their energy efficiency, and cut energy procurement costs. It is also sensible to pursue DIN EN ISO 50001 certification at the same time. The standard provides a systematic approach to continuously improve energy consumption in a company.

In so doing, your company can save energy, lower costs, and benefit from an environmentally responsible image as a major contributor to the environment and governmental incentives.

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Basic system: 

  • Easy to use due to web based solution based on secure login
  • Provides fast access to all aggregated data regarding aspects such as energy, production, environment
  • Tracing your energy consumption and production KPI’s over years
  • Easy integration in existing infrastructure such as energy meters or network analyzers 
  • Easy comparison of days/weeks/months/years or production lines/sites/countries in dashboards
  • Contains a full web-based Document Management System (DMS)
  • DMS can also be used for other ISO processes (e.g. ISO 140001 Environmental Management System)
  • etc. 


  • Uploading of forecast data such as expected production or energy consumption
  • Create Excel reports, automatically generated and published
  • Real-time monitoring and comparison of forecasts with current production data
  • Automatically create invoices, production reports and deploy them as PDF, XLS or HTML to your company structure
  • etc. 
There are 7 major ISO 50001 process topics: 
  1. General Requirements
  2. Management Responsibility
  3. Energy Policy
  4. Energy Action Plan
  5. Implementation and Operation
  6. Performance Audits
  7. Management Review

All supported by the Energy Monitor App

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