ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management - Reporting

Delivering the right reports to the right users at the right time is an important part in plant operations, not only in regulatory industry. With MOM Reporting you can easily create the reports you need to keep track of your performance.

ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Reporting is comprehensive report package running as a native part of the MOM Common Services. This allows users to easy create the reports they need including data from any data source or MOM Application. Final reports can easily be printed, shared with others or further analyzed in the smart interactive MOM Dashboard Application.

Examples of typical MOM Reports:

  • Various daily, weekly, monthly reports including KPIs, process measurement, process events and audit trail events
  • Manufacturing KPIs and production data
  • Various energy consumption reports from the Energy Monitor App
  • System diagnostic, performance and maintenance of MOM Common Services

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  • One single workflow from design of reports to commented, signed and approved reports.
  • One common harmonized reporting concept across all MOM Applications and data sources. 
  • Design and view of reports on any MOM View client.
  • Final reports can easily be further analyzed using the smart interactive Dashboard Application
The report workflow includes the following main steps:
  1. Report template design. Select the well-defined report data sources required for the report. The powerful report design tool supports fast configuration of reports templates including reuse, version control and approval of report templates.
  2. Report template preview. Report templates can easily be previewed. This enables fast and easy test and verification of reports in parallel to the actual design of the report.
  3. Scheduling reports. A flexible report scheduler executes report templates with defined input parameters to final reports. Reports can be saved in various output formats and locations.
  4. View reports and assign comments and signatures. The search function makes it easy to find and view final reports. Comments and signatures to approve reports provide support in e.g. regulatory industries or for environmental reporting.
  5. Final actions to approved reports. Examples of report actions are print, email or publishing reports to different type of information portals.

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