Shop Floor Integration for Life Sciences

An ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management Application

Validated, integrated and seamless solution from shop floor to ERP. It helps our customers in the manufacturing industries such as life science and food & beverage meet their regulatory requirements, produce high product quality, achieve fast time to market and benefit from significant cost savings.

Today, many solutions for the life science industry are still not or less integrated, requiring high efforts in engineering and synchronization of data between MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and DCS (Distributed Control System). Especially in GMP productions (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices) this has as a crucial influence on time to market, quality and profitability.

The challenge for Automation suppliers is to create an efficient workflow, fulfilling FDA regulations following GAMP5 guideline (ISPE) for engineering and validation to ensure data integrity.

Designed for established pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with existing machinery, the latest version of the new software solution Shop Floor Integration allows for the creation of a digital twin of the existing system prior to installation. This reduces engineering, validation and testing time and minimizes the plant’s downtime.

Would you like to save between 40% and 70% of the time spent on integrating systems when compared to existing solutions?

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Digital collaboration in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

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  • Significantly reducing the time to market setting up new production plants and processes
  • Improved agility and speed for new product introduction
  • Significantly reduce the operation cost by avoiding manual interactions and by automating operations
  • Considerably reduced efforts and cost involved in regulatory compliance and validation
  • Using a modern message based architecture that is designed to be highly secure and reliable

Shop Floor Integration provides an integration between Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and 800xA Batch Management, the integrated Batch system of ABB Ability System 800xA. It includes features for automatic parameter assignment and automatic synchronization of 800xA Batch Management recipe procedures and MES. This automated integration significantly reduce the engineering effort of the integration especially with the high validation requirements in a GMP production environment.

Shop Floor Integration is an extension to the MOM offering and runs as a native Connectivity. The connectivity uses OPC Unified Architecture (UA), which is a modern industrial communication protocol that is open, secure, efficient and cross-platform well suited for IoT communication. In a first realization, Shop Floor Integration is integrated with the MES system Werum PAS-X.

ABB together with Werum has developed a message-based communications system that sends and receives instruction between the MES and the production equipment. This provides regular synchronization between the systems and communicates data such as quality, setpoint and consumption.

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