Manufacturing Operations Management - Statistical Process Control (SPC)

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a quality method to supervise if a process is in state of control and whether it can produce units within given tolerances.

The SPC application enables the user to define and monitor control cards. These control cards include visual diagrams that can track shop floor processes in real-time and help to continually improve the process
and operational excellence.

SPC uses the plant data to for quality analysis and improvements that support to prevent problems from occurring. The control cards consist of up to three control charts, also known as Shewhart charts or process behavior charts. The control charts are the actual statistical process control methods performing the SPC calculation and visualization. Typically, control charts are used for data in the form of product or process measurements that are obtained in real-time during production.

The SPC App supports users with:
  • Reducing variability and waste through early detection and prevention of problems, rather than the correction of problems after they have occurred
  • Reduced need for finished product to be reworked or scrapped
  • Instantly react to variation in the process
  • Discover process anomalies and enable systematic improvements.
The configured control cards are available in the control card list pane. Each control card will display current status to notify the user when deviations are detected in any control card as defined by the control chart calculations. Once a deviation is detected the user can select the control card and further review details in each control chart.

Users can assign comments to data points in the control charts. Typically used to comment data points deviating from defined tolerance limits. Several comments can be made by different users for each data point. Data points with comments are high lighted in the control charts.

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