ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management - View (UX)

View empowers decision-makers with the right data at the right time. Easy accessed through the ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Launchpad with one common world class UX across all MOM Apps.

Views enable ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) users to easy visualize and analyze production data to make informed decisions. With its common UX across all Applications and devices View has the same convincing look and feel to achieve a seamless user experience when moving from desktop to a mobile device. Once a new MOM Application is deployed on the server side to meet new requirements and business objectives it is immediately available for users to add to their personalized Launchpad. This minimize the roll-out and getting started time when expanding your system with new industrial productivity software applications.

Mom View is also available on ABBs unique Collaboration Table. The Collaboration Table large screen combined with MOM View give a completely new level of understanding to your operations regardless of which data is being analyzed.

Views can be fully localized using the standard NLS (Native Language Support) capabilities built in MOM Common Services.

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MOM Launchpad

The MOM Launchpad application is the single access point for desktop users to Applications, reports, documentation and other required data. Applications and links in the Launchpad can be freely grouped and configured to match the need of each individual user. This enables instant access to any real-time, historical or transactional data needed to understand your operations and make the right decisions.

Essential production analysis Apps

Essential Production Analysis Applications includes the essential tools for process data analysis with SPC and event analysis and data mining using add-ins to MS Excel.

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