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Automation systems and industrial plants are growing increasingly complex, with more flexible production in larger plants. More insights into plant performance is needed – with less and less people to do the job. On top of that data storage and transactions needs to be reliable, cyber secure, and with high capacity.

Decathlon software helps industrial plants meet these requirements so that they can operate at an optimal level while turning large amounts of industrial data into knowledge and action.
Ability to change is a requirement for any industry. As players on the global market, companies are facing fast changes to their business conditions, and adaptability based on registered data is a keyword for any ambitious business. Industrial developments as a result of Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things (IoT) will create even more data that needs to be analyzed and interpreted.

Raw data is useless, unless it is turned into knowledge. Data needs to be analyzed and applied ambitiously and innovatively – to the benefit of decision-makers, the individual industry, and the whole network.

This is why we, at ABB, are going all the way and have developed a cyber secure decision support tool. We call it Decathlon Software.

Decathlon Software is all about combining plant operations data from control systems, ERP, and other data sources into actionable information. Information that provides the right insights for decision-makers to plan, optimize and continuously improve plant operations, in order to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

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Question: How can industrial plants meet today's tough requirements and operate at an optimal level – by turning large amounts of industrial data into knowledge and action?

Answer: Decathlon – a modern and intelligent hub for technology, ICT, people, and opportunities.

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