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DC Energy distribution in Data Centers.

Data center electric distribution from a different angle.

Join us to discover advantages and challenges of DC data center distribution. Let’s discuss alternative  distribution solutions to meet new trends and technologies in data center industry.

Being one of the highest growing markets and fastest evolving industries, data centers are continuously searching for new technologies to answer most demanding requirements for energy efficiency, sustainability, scalability and continuity of service. Most important data center components are using direct current (batteries, IT loads, some cooling loads…), thus it is natural to conclude that reduction of AC/DC conversion stages can answer challenging data center requirements. Still, most common data center distribution is in traditional AC. Looking at the market requirements and new technologies, we might be on the point of change, where gradually DC distribution is going to become the most usual way the energy is distributed within data centers. Join us to discover more.

List of content:

  • Data center market requirements​
  • Values of DC distribution
  • DC architectures
  • Alternative sources of critical power supply (Fuel Cells and Battery Storage Systems)​
  • Trends and challenges in moving towards DC distribution ​
  • Experience from China – Application of DC Power Distribution Technology

Target audience:

  • Designers
  • End customers
  • System Integrators
  • EPC’s
  • Installer/PB
  • ABB technical Promotion
  • ABB application specialists
  • ABB datacenter segment referents


Aleksandar Grbic

Global Application Specialist and Data Center Segment Manager

Dave Sterlace

Global Data Center Head of Technology

Dr Chen Bing

Director Technology center of HVDC light, Guandong Province Electrical Power Design Institute

Dr Xu FeiFei

Zhongheng Electric and leading writer of the HVDC national standard