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Energy Metering and Monitoring in DC

Real-time monitoring in DC Office Buildings for improved user experience

The increase of DC Office Buildings, small ecosystems where energy production from renewables and  energy storage are integrated in a local DC power network, will require  more and more centralized systems for real time monitoring of each load and overall power consumption. In this session we will show how ABB can implement a Solution for the measurement and monitoring in DC using existing ABB’s technologies or easily integrating 3rd party components.

A DC micro grid for Office Buildings allows a comprehensive use of renewable energies by reducing energy losses due to conversion from DC to AC and by storing the energy that is not used. In such scenario the Monitoring of Power Consumption and load management become crucial to ensure the maximum usage of the energy generated by renewable generators installed in the building, improve the overall system reliability and reduce costs avoiding unnecessary consumption from the AC Grid.​

This presentation will show how ABB can implement a Solution for the measurement and monitoring in DC using existing ABB’s technologies or easily integrating 3rd party components

List of content:

  • Needs of Energy Metering and monitoring  in a DC Office Buildings
  • Possibilities of Energy Monitoring in DC  through  sensors
  • InSite pro M as centralized platform for data collecting and storage
  • Current sensors approach and DC metering integration for power calculation of each load and Configuration of Alarm and  automatic actions for Load Management
  • Integration with third party systems, including the cloud-based ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager

Target audience:

  • Oem’s -Solar Combiner
  • Designers
  • System Integrators
  • EPC’s
  • Installer/PB
  • ABB technical Promotion
  • ABB application specialists
  • ABB sales


Otavio Bruno

Team Leader Global Product Manager Energy Management

Gabriele Bressan

Global Product Manager System pro M compact® InSite