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SACE Emax 2 MS/DC-E Air Switch-disconnectors

Product launch

In this session we will discover the SACE Emax 2 MS/DC-E air switch-disconnectors Meeting both IEC and UL standards. It offers to design engineers, panel builders and OEM manufacturers the chance to rely on a single provider and meet the specific requirements of a wide range of DC applications installed in any part of the world. A range that keeps pace with the times.

The SACE Emax 2 MS/DC-E air switch-disconnectors is based on the E4.2 4P frame with specific ratings and terminal connections for 1500V DC network applications. Thanks to flexible factory-fitted shorting busbar (jumper) kits, all four poles are either connectable in series to isolate a single polarity or alternatively for a dual polarity source.

It is designed mainly for Photovoltaic plants and ESS (battery systems).  Other common applications are Marine, Transportation, EV charging infrastructures, and DC buildings.

Energy efficiency: The SACE Emax 2 MS/DC-E range is here to support the energy efficiency trend in Energy Storage and Photovoltaic systems. Achieving 1500V DC helps to cut power losses and subsequently make our planet a better place.

Flexible installation: The SACE Emax 2 MS/DC-E range of air switch-disconnectors guarantees great flexibility for any installation. It is possible to insulate one polarity or both polarities and manage current flow in either directions. In addition, it is available in fixed and drawable versions, and terminals can be setup vertically or horizontally.

Global availability: Ensuring performances at 1500V DC under both IEC and UL standards, SACE Emax 2 MS/DC-E range provides a unique solution for any project around the world. Any version up to 3200A can also be ordered with multi-standard listings (IEC & UL & CCC approvals).



List of content:

  • Product presentation
  • Applications
  • Ratings and utilization categories
  • Product versioning and accessoring​

Target audience:

  • Oem’s
  • Designers
  • System Integrators
  • EPC’s
  • Installer/PB
  • ABB technical Promotion
  • ABB application specialists
  • ABB sales
  • ABB Solar/ESS segment referents


Nicola Perico

Global Product Manager