Lamp Starting Solutions

ABB’s lamp starting solutions are for example used to control and protect growing lights in greenhouse horticulture applications, where they ensure that the plants thrive underneath artificial light without disturbances.

The lamp starter combinations consist of a MS132-L or MS132-LC lamp circuit breaker and AF-...L lamp contactors. They can be either mounted on a DIN rail adapter or a mounting plate. Another alternative, that is often utilized in greenhouse assimilation lighting cabinets, is the usage of ABB’s Unifix AD busbar energy distribution system

ABB’s latest generation of Lamp Starters ensure high performance with a, compared to previous versions, reduced heat dissipation and energy consumption. Furthermore, they are short-circuit proof up to Ics = 100 kA at 400 V AC - a feature that is especially useful in greenhouse applications, where, due to the positioning of transformers close to the control panels, high short-circuit breaking capacities are needed. In addition, the lamp starters are capable to automatically compensate temperatures up to 60 °C without any negative impact on the characteristics.

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