Optimized two-poles 1500V DC switch disconnectors

Small sized and with increased efficiency and performance

A fully optimized range of two-pole DC switch-disconnectors for 1500V utility-scale photovoltaic power plants covering 315-630A current range. The new design offers both a size reduction and an increase in efficiency and performances, helping manufacturers to adapt quickly to the industry’s rapid adoption of 1500V DC solutions. A switch range that allows manufacturers and utilities to improve their systems efficiency, lowering power losses and reducing the size of combiner boxes, enclosures and inverters.


Key features

Space saving

Measuring just 150mm wide and 122mm high, the OTDC range is up to 30% smaller than the majority of the devices available in the market.

Energy efficiency

The two-pole 1500V DC concept is helping manufacturers to improve their systems efficiency, reducing power losses up to 35%.

Speed up your projects

The unique design makes it possible to operate with just one switch up to two 1500V DC strings and up to three 1000V DC strings.

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