ProLine panelboards and circuit breakers


The ProLine panelboards provides an innovative and high performance approach to branch circuit protection. For those industries and service providers where reliablitly and 24/7 uptime is critical, the Proline panelboards with Proline circuit breakers is the perfect solution. Safer, more reliable with full coordination are the benefits this design delivers.

ABB developed the ProLine panelboard to provide current limiting branch circuit protection for the applications where reliability matters most. The ProLine panelboard utilizes the world class, high performance breaker technology for which ABB is known. Critical power, data centers, banking and medical institutions are just a few of the industries that demand the power reliability that the ProLine panelboard offers; to exceed their power distribution needs.

Main benefits
  • UL67
  • 225A and 400A
  • 12, 24, 42, 84* circuit 
  • 35 kAIC Series rating (240V)
  • 14 kAIC Series rating (277/480V)
  • Single or Double Ended Incoming
  • Fully Rated Sub-Fed Breaker
  • Fully Rated Feed Through Lugs
  • 1A to 100A Branch Breakers
  • Fully Rated Sub Fed Lugs or Breaker
  • K Trip Curve Breakers
  • N1 Enclosure (optional)

Main features
  • Breakers UL current Limiting
  • Fully Coordinated
  • Touch Safe – IP20
  • Pluggable Breaker with Non-Energized, Bolt-On Screw

* 84 circuit is available as a single ended, stand alone, non-enclosed version only. Bus capacity is maximum 400A. Please contact Tech Support for assistance.

Circuit breakers

The ProLine Circuit Breaker is the industry's first UL approved current limiting breaker to be used in a panelboard application.

Main benefits
  • Current Limiting acc. to UL489
  • Up to 240V & 277/480Y VAC
  • 10KAIC with main lug only
  • 35KAIC Series rating with T3/T5 Main
  • K Curve
  • 1A to 100A

Main features
  • Contact Position Window
  • Independent Thermal Magnetic Trip Units
  • Pluggable Breaker with Non-Energized Bolt-On Screw

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