Premium installation – intelligent building solutions

In the premium installation we offer complete home automation with ABB i-bus® KNX products to achieve the full control of functions like lighting, room climate, security and much more.

The perfect room climate at all times

A pleasant climate is important? Ventilation, heating, cooling: with KNX, your customer can set just the right climate that suits his needs – energy saving and economically. This is possible manually on site, by timer operation or remotely by smartphone.

And much much more

The ABB i-bus® KNX product range includes components covering the complete spectrum of applications found in today’s buildings, ranging from lighting and shutter control to heating, ventilation, security, energy management and much more.

Atmosphere on demand

Lighting involves more than just switching the light on and off. Thanks to modern intelligent building technology, light can be designed and used to create moods. ABB offers one-of-a-kind versatility in lighting management with its integrated KNX intelligent building control.

Our offering

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