Residual current devices (RCDs)

Ultimate protection of people and equipment

When it comes to electrical hazards, prevention depends on reliability and safety of the electric power distribution.

An accurate protection of people and electrical equipment against leakage currents can be achieved by installing Residual Current Devices (RCDs) which detect an imbalance of the electrical flow and trip assuring indeed protection against earth fault, reducing the risk of death or serious injury and preventing the risk of fire caused by faulty wiring or other appliances.  

ABB offers a comprehensive range of devices like RCCBs, RCBOs, RCD-blocks, Earth Leakage Relays in order to cope with all the applications in residential, commercial and industrial segments.

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Residual Current Circuit breakers - RCCBs

The Residual Current Circuit breaker RCCBs are the safest device to detect and trip against electrical leakage currents, thus ensuring protection against electric shock caused by indirect contacts. These devices must be used in series with an MCB or fuse which protects them from the potentially damaging thermal and dynamic stresses of any over currents. They also act as the main disconnecting switches upstream of any derived MCBs (i.e. domestic consumer unit).

Residual Current circuit Breakers with Overcurrent protection - RCBOs

RCBOs combine, in a single device, the protection against leakage current to ground typical of RCCBs with the protection against over currents (overload and short-circuit) typical of MCBs.

RCBOs are a compact solution for the protection of people and connected equipment.

Residual Current Devices blocks - RCD blocks

RCD blocks are residual current devices suitable for assembly with a standard MCB. The residual current operated circuit-breaker obtained in this way maintains both the electrical characteristics of the MCB and those of the RCD block.

Residual Current Relays

In industrial applications, residual current relays are used in combination with external toroids to detect and evaluate earth fault current. They can also be used in conjunction with protective devices to realize the opening of a circuit ensuring earth leakage current protection.



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