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Minimum space, maximum protection

The DS203NC family of 3P+N residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection has been developed with the aim of meeting requirements such as the protection and safety of equipment or facilities, offering a compact solution in 4 modules that is at the top of its category from every point of view.

In any application where the dimensions represents a potential barrier, the new DS203NC residual current circuit breakers with protection from ABB guarantee a reliable and complete protection against overcurrent and earth fault currents. Space is a major constraint in zones of marinas and camping, switchboards, industrial sockets and power generator.

DS203NC RCBOs are the ideal solution for new installations, ensuring space savings in switchboards, as well as in retrofitting of existing plants, by adding earth fault current protection in installations where it wasn’t foreseen, without any overall impact on the overall dimensions of the system and on the placing of overall system.

The line focus on the efficiency of installation, sharing all the functional and mounting characteristics that distinguish the modular devices of the modular devices of the System pro M compact® family. Thanks to legacy, the DS203NC RCBOs offer a solution of international standing, with a wide set of certifications and the level of quality that only a global and recognized manufacturer as ABB can ensure.

Main benefits     

  • Space saving of 30% compared to a traditional 3P+N configuration
  • The device can be used in three phase neutral with or without neutral, with no need to add any external resistance
  • The device shares the same accessories as of System pro M compact® and thus eliminate the need of carrying additional products
  • Range tested and approved by IMQ (Italy), VDE (Germany), EAC (Russia), KEMA
  • Radio frequency identification tag equips each unit and allows both for tracing and verification of the authenticity of individual products

Main Features  

  • Rated current: from 6 to 32A
  • Rated breaking capacity (ultimate Icn) according to IEC/EN 61009 : 6000A and 4500A
  • Rated breaking capacity (ultimate Icu) according to IEC/EN 60947-2: 10kA and 6kA
  • Sensitivity levels: 30, 100 and 300 mA
  • Compliance to the product standard: IEC/EN 61009-1; IEC/EN 61009-2-1

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