F200 B-Type

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The F200 Type B are universal current sensitive residual current circuit breakers RCCBs designed for industrial applications where there is an increasing use of devices like frequency converters, medical equipment’s and UPS systems. The RCCB Type B protect faults occurred due to smooth DC residual currents or currents with low residual ripple which are common in the above applications.

A regular Type A/AC RCCBs are unable to detect these smooth DC residual currents. In addition these smooth DC residual currents make the Type A devices insensitive to AC residual currents and pulsating DC residual currents creating a higher risk for safety in such installations. With the use of
Type B RCCBs in such application we can guarantee complete protection to the entire installation. For this reason, they are considered universal current devices as they provide protection against all the possible tripping waveforms listed in the standard EN 62423.

Type B RCCBs are suitable for non-linear circuits that are able to generate leakages with high direct current (higher than 6 mA) and/or high frequency components, for example single-phase or poly-phase rectifiers, rectifiers with active correction of the power factor, continuous voltage generator with no separation from AC networks and inverters at variable frequency.

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Main benefits

Compact solution

Offering the two-pole device in only two modules


A high level of immunity is provided against unwanted tripping

Certified quality

Compliance to worldwide product standards

Main features

  • Rated current: from 16 A to 125 A
  • Sensitivities available: 30, 300 and 500 mA
  • Pollution degree 3 (for 16–63 A devices, 30–300 mA)
  • Instantaneous and selective ranges available
  • 35 and 50 mm2 System pro M Compact terminals for challenging industrial usage
  • Compliance to the worldwide product standard: IEC/EN 61008 and IEC/EN 62423
  • Suitable for installation in either single-phase networks or three-phase networks with or without neutral


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