DS-ARC1 and DS-ARC1 M: Arc fault detection device (AFDD) with integrated RCBO

Maximum safety and easy installation

Each year over two million fires erupt all over Europe. More than one third of these due to faults in the electrical installation which prevailingly occur as a result of dangerous arc faults. AFDDs reliably detect those arc faults and protect people, buildings and irreplaceable goods from electrically induced fires.

By early detecting arc faults and disconnecting the affected circuit the AFDD with integrated residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection (RCBO) offers reliable and complete protection in any type of building.
DS-ARC1 and DS-ARC1 M are the new 1P+N arc fault detection devices with RCBO in 6kA and 10kA breaking capacity respectively, compliant to product standard IEC/EN 62606; IEC/EN 61009.

In only three modules width, these devices provide protection against arc faults, overcurrent and earth fault currents, for a complete protection of people, buildings, and valuable assets.

Main benefits

  • Reliable protection against series, parallel and earth arc faults, overvoltage (>275 V), ovecurrents and earth fault currents
  • 100% flexible power supply from either top or bottom
  • Up to 50 % time savings thanks to easy and fast wiring operation with System pro M compact® busbars
  • Family feeling in the System pro M compact® range, with combination possible with System pro M compact® accessories (including auxiliary contact for bottom fitting) and busbars
  • Easy troubleshooting of the network thanks to the LED indication after a tripping, with the possibility to recall in memory the last tripping due to arc fault and overvoltage

Main features

  • Double slots for connection both with cables (up to 25mm²) and busbars (10mm²) either from top and bottom side
  • When installed with busbars, DS-ARC1 and DS-ARC1 M can be easily removed from a group of devices
  • Orange test push button to verify the correct functioning of the arc fault detection device; white test push button to verify the correct functioning of residual current device
  • Continuous internal self-test
  • Contact position indicator (CPI) to identify the status of the contacts independently on the toggle position
  • LED for troubleshooting indication equipped also with memory recall function
  • Earth fault indicator (blue flag on the toggle) to identify earth fault tripping

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