Emax 2 is key to Energia Europa’s E-Power energy-saving product

E-Power is a passive inductive filter that improves energy quality and efficiency. ABB’s Emax 2 is at the heart of the product.
An interview with Gabriele Paltrinieri, Marketing and Sales Manager at Energia Europa.

Mr. Paltrinieri, can you please tell us about Energia Europa?

Gabriele Paltrinieri: Energia Europa was established in the late nineties by a group of engineers to design and build technology that enables energy efficiency and energy savings. Our flagship is E-Power, launched in 2011. This product is a smart-managed, hybrid, three-phase, passive inductive filter that improves energy quality and efficiency in all kinds of applications.

ABB: How does E-Power work?

GP: E-Power reduces the harmonics contribution, noise and losses on the power line; improves the crest and power factors; optimizes energy transmission; stabilizes the voltage; and reduces current spikes. E-Power is a single device and is installed preferably downstream of the low-voltage circuit breaker and upstream of the loads.

ABB: How does the ABB SACE Emax 2 fit into E-Power?

GP: ABB’s Emax 2 is fundamental for E-Power and performs two main functions: firstly, it ensures power supply continuity - isolating the machine in less than a millisecond in the event of a problem. Secondly, it allows the filter to be enabled and disabled, which allows a precise measurement of the energy saved.

ABB: Why choose Emax 2?

GP: Before Emax 2, we used other devices in the range. Short-circuit tests on Emax 2 convinced us of its potential. Also, its low-temperature derating value, and therefore high reliability, was important.

ABB: What other ABB products are installed inside E-Power?

GP: We also have ABB power contactors, magnetic protective components and automation controls - such as phase sequence and minimum and maximum voltage control – as well as an ABB supercapacitor set to help us through power blackouts.

ABB: How does ABB support you?

GP: ABB provides a high level of support and service, and is always available to discuss technical issues. Moreover, direct contact with ABB designers and manufacturers is crucial for effective troubleshooting.

ABB: How important is the collaboration with a worldwide group for you?

GP: Very important! It gives a sense of security to our distributors and end customers. Undoubtedly, the presence of a local service in every major market is a huge benefit.

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