More flexibility and availability for data centers with SMISSLINE TP

With the rapidly increasing amount of digital information, data centers are becoming more and more important. They are especially sensitive areas where the utmost reliability of all components is essential, as downtime can result in losing valuable data. The site of Continental in Frankfurt, home of the largest of the company's three data centers, relies on ABB products, particularly SMISSLINE TP, to guarantee seamless system operation.

The company Continental has a long tradition and is well-known as a manufacturer of tires for cars and two-wheelers. Less famous is the fact that the company has advanced to one of the biggest automotive suppliers worldwide, thanks to its wide portfolio. On the site in Frankfurt, Headquarters of the division Chassis & Safety, ABS and further stability systems are produced for almost all large automotive brands. In addition to production, the employees in Frankfurt are very active in developing various parts of the mobile future, for autonomous driving. Thus, a gigantic amount of data has to be processed reliably and without interruption via the largest of three data centers located at the site.

"One hour of autonomous driving results in approx. 1.5 TB of data, which we analyze after the test,“ explains Guenther Kraus, team leader of the corporate IT data center, emphasizing the importance of uninterrupted data processing. If a data center is offline for a second, it may lead to losing essential information. Therefore keeping data centers online at all times is of the utmost importance for Continental. 

SMISSLINE TP – Working under pressure

The data center in Frankfurt operates in peak periods almost all around the clock. To ensure error-free and continuous operation the managers responsible chose ABB systems. In the enclosures in the data processing rooms, which are located deep down in the basement of the research center, the plug-in socket system SMISSLINE TP has been doing its job reliably for over 5 years.

"Compared with the preceding DIN rail system, SMISSLINE TP offers many benefits," explains Markus Mueller, head of energy and automation technology and energy manager at the site in Frankfurt. "Above all the flexibility is outstanding: as a finger-proof system it allows devices under voltage to be plugged in and out of switchboards without difficulty and without additional personal protective equipment." 

This characteristic is officially certified by the corresponding approval of the trade association ETEM (energy, textile, electronics, and medical products). Furthermore, SMISSLINE TP is easy to install with integrated wiring, guaranteeing maximum power availability for data center operations.   

20 percent less space required with future-proof operation

SMISSLINE TP facilitates electrical installations because it can be mounted not only vertically, but also horizontally. By using the vertical mounting with integrated wiring, up to 20 percent of space can be saved in the enclosure. No output terminals are required. System expansions and upgrades can be easily realized as devices can be fitted in different orders without impairing the system. At Continental’s site several generations of the successful product range from Schaffhausen, Switzerland, have been installed – providing smooth interoperability.

"One of the decisive benefits of SMISSLINE is the unlimited downward compatibility,“ says Daniel Kubin, product manager of low voltage products at ABB.

Those benefits are also highly appreciated by Guenther Kraus and Markus Mueller.

"All those facts make SMISSLINE TP an extremely flexible system which allows us to quickly react to changing requirements. And all things considered, we also save costs thanks to the reduced work expended,“ says Guenther Kraus. "I do not have to give intensive thought to the electrical distribution in this sensitive area anymore,“ adds Markus Mueller. "That makes our lives easier.“

About Continental

Continental develops intelligent technologies for the mobility of people and their goods. In 2015 the corporation with its five divisions generated revenues of 39.2 bn Euros and currently employs about 215,000 people in 55 countries. The division Chassis & Safety develops and produces integrated active and passive driving safety technology, as well as products supporting vehicle dynamics. Chassis & Safety employs more than 40,000 people worldwide and generated revenues of about 8.4 bn Euros in 2015.


The Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG is one of the oldest and largest manufacturing companies in Frankfurt. Its history dates back to the year 1906. Today the site hosts the headquarters of the division Chassis & Safety. About 4,000 people are employed in the department's research, administration and production facilities.



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