25 years of KNX

A quarter of a century of Intelligent Building Control

When Thomas Edison invented the long lasting commercial electric light bulb he could not have foreseen a future of fully integrated building control. Back then it was impossible even to agree on a standard current (ie, AC or DC) let alone a worldwide standard that would allow thousands of products from different manufacturers to work together in a fully integrated control system for buildings.

With buildings, both commercial and residential, using a significant portion of the world’s energy, there is a need for us to do more with less. Thanks to KNX, which this year celebrates a quarter of a century on the market, energy savings for buildings in the region of 30 percent are possible when compared to non-automated conventionally controlled solutions. With the world’s population increasing by 180,000 people a day and carbon emissions soaring, KNX installations provide a popular and ever growing solution.

ABB has thousands of KNX references around the world providing unprecedented comfort, safety, versatility and above all energy efficiency  and here are just a few examples to show what can be achieved in building automation.

“KNX is the leading worldwide standard, with all products ‘speaking the same language’ so that smart homes and buildings with controlled lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, shading, security and more, are now a reality,” said Bernhard Dörstel, Global Product Group Manager Building Automation of LP division. “25 years ago increasing energy efficiency through intelligent building control and the development of smart cities was just a distant dream – today the revolution is already well under way.”

ABB i-bus KNX is the intelligent installation system that meets the highest requirements for applications in modern home and building control and is based on the simple and proven KNX technology (https://www.knx.org), which is accepted as the world’s first open standard for the control of all types of intelligent buildings - industrial, commercial or residential.


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