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No job too dirty for ABB products

2014-11-20 - What are some of the dirtiest places to work at? Demolition areas, mines, or excavation sites? These types of construction sites all stir up big clouds of dust that no one wants or should have to breathe in. With a dust suppression machine, however, workers can escape the hazardous air particles. It’s companies like the Swedish Duztech AB that specialize in dust suppression equipment and with the help of ABB’s low voltage components, they can offer customers reliable operation in extreme environments.

Duztech's machines look like a snow gun – as some can make snow – but for construction sites, they spray mist. The water mist binds the harmful dust, so that those working on the site don't have to inhale it. Construction dust can cause serious illnesses, such as the incurable disease silicosis (silicosis) that coal miners are known to suffer from. "The cannon’s engine is a fairly simple design that clears 80 percent of the dust, which is very good for people and machines around it," says Magnus Engström, co-owner of Duztech.

The company is based in Östersund, Sweden, where it maintains its offices for development and production. All low voltage products in Duztech's machines are made by ABB, which helps sell quality and reliability. And so far, Duztech has been selling its dust suppression machine through distribution channels in some 25 countries including Russia, India and Brazil – all markets with huge potential.
The dust suppresser cannon invented by Magnus Engstrom and Daniel Eriksson reduces construction dust by 80 percent
Guarantee quality with ABB products
"Because we sell our machines all over the world, it is valuable to offer a quality guarantee that we use ABB low voltage products. Most customers are familiar with ABB, and we do not need to explain the quality to our customers," says Magnus Engstrom.

Johan Andersson, ABB's account manager for Duztech, says, “ABB is traditionally seen as a supplier for large, billion dollar projects around the world like Hydroelectric dams in China. Many are not aware that we also serve smaller companies, and Duztech is a good example of how we help smaller businesses and we are happy to do so!” Duztech also buys from ABB's online ordering system, Business Online; a convenient tool for small businesses that do not have their own IT systems. Duztech is successful in Scandinavia and the next step is to get the spin on global sales. The potential is huge. "Today, there are still workers at construction sites who squirt water with water hoses to remove the construction dust, but that's time consuming and what does an hour cost? A Duztech machine is so much more efficient and we just need to get more people to realize it," said Magnus Engstrom.
The dust suppresser cannon is operating with 12 different ABB low voltage products including miniature circuit breakers, compact PLCs (AC500-eCo units), PSR softstarters and AF contactors

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