New - LED exit sign

Offering more choice in use and customisation than ever before 

Your overview in one glance

Escape route signalisation with 22m or 32m viewing distance
Versatile mounting options with First-Fix control gear
Unique frameless legend design with click-lock assembly legend design   

Up to 12 meter optimum height

Guideway escape route lighting offers you a powerful solution for particular high area's. For ceilings higher than 4 meters, you can choose Serenga 2 X-version, which has an X in it's product code. The factory mounted lens can reach ceilings 4-8 metres high.  The lens that is included in the delivery as standard illuminates ceilings of 8 meters and higher. Recessed, surface-mounted, wall, long or wide distribution: you've come to expect nothing less from ABB. 

Mix and match

In addition to the round design, the recessed models are also available in a square design. These are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very practical. Once installed using the hollow square chisel, you can turn the luminaire 10 degrees to the left or the right to align it completely with the ceiling lines. 

Country standards

This new LED range is now available for several countries in Europe aligning local building & emergency lighting standards. As a global company we also offer similar innovative emergency lighting LED solutions in other markets like Canada, USA and Australia. Please check our local brand websites for latest innovations and new products conform standards in those markets. You can find our global offering and brands on the following overview page.

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