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Setting up the PSTX softstarter in just 30 seconds

ABB’s PSTX softstarter range does not only stand out due to its efficiency, reliability and productivity but also because of its ease of installation and setup.


With its detachable keypad that can be placed on a panel door the status information can be directly read without opening the door. The easy to learn graphical display makes the handling of PSTX really simple and user-friendly.

To demonstrate how easy to use the selection of the PSTX softstarters range’s functions is, the following video shows you how to setup an application setup for a centrifugal pump.

There are five different tasks to do while parameterizing the PSTX softstarter. 
After starting the display the user is asked for his language preferences. Next step is to choose a date to set the parameter for the change in the softstarter function. This is important as the log of the PSTX softstarter keeps track of the changes in functions and settings.
After setting up the date and language the rated current of the application’s motor is requested. The value can be easily calibrated using the up and down arrows as well as the left and right arrows to change the digit selection of the value. 

Now the PSTX softstarter has been setup to start a motor with a certain current and the last step is to choose the application which the motor should starts. The menu point “Assistants” is the right choice as a lot of pre-defined values for the corresponding application are already integrated in PSTX softstarters. Here you can choose the application “Centrifugal pump”. The display now shows parameters of the application that are to be confirmed or changed.

When you are done with setting up, the only thing left to do is starting the motor.

This is it - a fast and self-explaining way to set up a whole application. Everything within just 30 seconds.

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