Pogliano - Supplying busbar trunking systems to the world

To maximize the safety and reliability of its products, Pogliano relies on ABB’s switch fuses for isolation and short circuit and overcurrent protection.


The customer

Founded over a century ago to supply electrical services to Fiat’s car factory in Lingotto, Pogliano has grown to be a global supplier of low-voltage busbar trunking systems. Originally conceived in the late 1930s to modernize the electrical infrastructure of Fiat’s Mirafiori plant, Pogliano’s busbar systems have gone from strength to strength in the intervening eight decades. 

Many of the foremost companies in Italy have equipped their plants almost exclusively with Pogliano products. In the eighty years that Pogliano has been in the busbar trunking business, the products have spread from the automotive industry into a wide range of non-industrial environments, such as hospitals, government buildings, hotels, centers of commerce and high-rise buildings. 

Today, half of Pogliano production goes for export and in 2015 the company set up a production facility in Brazil to serve the South American market. The company is well known for innovation in its field. Critically, Pogliano has a strong reputation for product quality.

The challenge
With a name that is based on top product quality and a history of meeting delivery commitments, Pogliano has to be sure to employ only the very best components in their products. Reliability is paramount. As the customer himself says, “We want to make sure that the correct and the most reliable system is used.” Switch fuses are a vital component of Pogliano’s products for protection against shortcircuit and over current situations as well as for isolating branch circuits. To maximize reliability, the company had to be sure to choose the best one available. After market analysis, Pogliano found that only ABB‘s switch fuses met the quality and reliability standards they demanded.

The ABB solution
The ABB‘s switch fuse reliably isolates branch circuits whenever the load is disconnected - for example, during maintenance. This reliable isolation is achieved through a knife contact structure, which is also responsible for the superior short-circuit performance. High short-circuit ratings are needed since the device is mounted directly to the busbars, which may be installed close to the feeding transformer.

ABB switch fuses are designed specifically with high-quality requirements in mind and are rigorously tested before shipping – it is very rare indeed for an ABB switch fuse to suffer a failure in the field. ABB switch fuses have been designed to provide a superior level of protection even in the most demanding applications. They are also easy to use, thanks to their modular structure, which allows the mechanism and poles to be located according to installation requirements. This flexibility saves Pogliano installation time and costs. The switch fuses are compact, allowing installation in smaller enclosures.

The contact is designed such that, in combination with the fuse link, fault clearance is rapid and a high protection level is maintained even after a fault occurs. ABB switch fuses, available in ratings from 400 A to 1250 A, are the optimal solution for Pogliano systems for factories, hospitals, skyscrapers, malls, hotels, airports and a host of other applications. ABB’s worldwide presence ensure that delivery and service are local and prompt. And the best part is that since Pogliano started using ABB switch fuses, the failure rate of their products has been zero.

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