Why Riello UPS chooses ABB for components to build its reliable uninterruptible power supplies equipment

For many industries, the consequences of electrical power loss can be disastrous.

Power failure on production lines can mean a complex and costly restart with expensive products partway through the production process sometimes ruined, process equipment may be damaged; and safety is sometimes compromised, but valuable production time is always lost.

Similarly, in data centers, power loss can be catastrophic with customer’s losing access to crucial business data with possible financial losses running into many millions, to say nothing of the data center’s damaged reputation. 

The challenge

For an uninterruptible power supply, availability is everything. When it is needed, it has to be there, ready to go. Moreover, it has to switch in and take over the load as fast as possible so that the customer’s operational continuity is assured. These reliability and availability demands require that UPS systems use only the very best components.

This is why Riello UPS chose ABB OT switch disconnectors and OS switch fuses for use in their static convertors and UPSs. The excellent DC characteristics of these products give the best performance available in terms of very short trip times and very fast fuse action.

ABB switch disconnectors and switch fuses are designed specifically with high-reliability in mind. To ensure zero defects in shipped products, ABB rigorously tests every product in the factory. This emphasis on reliability is the core feature of the ABB products that make them the first choice for Riello UPSs that will see action in some of the most critical applications around.

Real estate is often limited at customer sites, so the small footprint of the switches has been well received by Riello UPS as it enables them to design compact UPS systems that can be fitted into even the tightest customer space.

The ABB switch fuse and switch disconnector – and a worldwide ABB presence that ensures delivery and service are local and prompt – have been warmly welcomed by Riello UPS. As Roberto Facci, Riello‘s Sales Director, comments, “when time is critical, it’s a matter of life and death.”

The customer
Riello Elettronica was founded in 1986 and has become the fourth largest manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) in the world. The brand Riello UPS offers a range of devices able to satisfy the energy requirements of small IT setups, rail transportation, airports, medical equipment, emergency lighting systems, oil and gas installations, and industrial applications all the way up to large data centers.

The company is the number three UPS manufacturer in Europe and is known for its flexibility, fast response to changing market conditions and readiness to invest in innovation in order to provide quality to the customer with the product that best suits its needs.

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