The Ziggo Dome is one of the most intelligent arenas in the world thanks to ABB’s KNX system

ABB helped Beemster Electrical Solutions deliver the electrical power system, including the KNX building automation with touchscreen control, to make sure as many as 17,000 concert goers at one time stay safe, comfortable and secure.

For a venue like the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, flexibility and energy efficiency are key elements to its economic success. It must at one moment meet the needs of Madonna, George Michael, or Lady Gaga and then at another, host a sporting event, a gala dinner, a television show or a musical. Beemster Electrical Solutions selected ABB as preferred partner for KNX and delivered the electrical power system.

"Together with ABB we reviewed the design of the infrastructure, and developed it further into a complete system with main distribution frames, distributors, electrical cabinets, and KNX equipment. This close collaboration has more than paid off, right from the start," said Björn Warmerdam.

"We use the KNX system in many of our projects to support energy savings, efficiency, comfort and reliability. The system was also deployed in the Ziggo Dome. And although the possibilities of the KNX system are endless, for the Ziggo Dome we specifically focused on the lighting. The lights for the entrances and corridors, staging areas, and stage, can be managed in their entirety with one flick of a switch. In addition, all other lights can be switched on and off with KNX as well."

Beemster Electrical Solutions was not just responsible for the electro-technical equipment. The company also installed sustainable lighting, emergency lighting, fire detectors, evacuation equipment and lightning conductors, along with the infrastructure for computer and telephone equipment. The KNX system is also linked up to a number of these systems and equipment.

"This means that the following can either be linked up to, or switched on or off with KNX: the building management system, the  magnets that are part of the  fire alarm system, emergency exits, exterior lighting, overhead doors and the timers for the lighting columns. This contributes to the safety and security required for a concert venue."

Developed by Black Box Real Estate, the Ziggo Dome has six layers including the basement, the ground floor, and two rings with galleries that extend over four floors. ABB's TriLine electrical cabinets form the core of the basic (main) distributor equipment in the building, with four main distribution frames at ground level and 56 distributors spread out over the additional four floors.

“We are proud to have played a major role in the success of this project,” said Lynette Jackson, Head of communications for Electrification Products division, ABB. “One of the great things about this type of technology is its scalability – it can be installed in venues like the Ziggo Dome and its offices or at home, giving the same level of comfort, security and energy efficiency benefits.”

Photo by Shirley Dejong / CC BY-SA 3.0

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