ABA/S 1.2.1 - Logic Controller

With the new ABB Logic Controller ABA/S 1.2.1 system integrators can quickly and flexibly deal with the most challenging project requirements – with a maximum of design freedom.
That is because the logic controller can easily and reliably accommodate altered or extended functionality requests during construction or usage of buildings.

Benefits at a glance

  • Graphical programming interface

    Included in the ETS software plus a library of functions to control all building applications. The library includes solutions for all typical building applications e.g. heating, ventilation and climate control. No need for extra software.

  • Simulator function

    Using simulation the system integrator is able to make sure that the logic controller performs all commands correctly before commissioning the device on the project’s site.

  • Maximum design freedom

    Adjusting the settings later – according to a possible changed building usage – is easy and cost-effective for the system integrator. Thus the Logic Controller is a reliable companion for KNX system integrators to successfully implement their projects.

  • Newly developed housing

    Mounting on a DIN rail enabling easy dismounting without the necessity for a tool.

  • Uses state-of-the-art and energy-efficient microcontroller technology.

Function Blocks



2 Bytes to 2x1 Byte

This function block enables you to convert 2 Bytes to 2x1 Byte

Download ETS Function Block (fbxml)
Download XML file



1 Byte to 8 Bits

This function block enables you to convert 1 Byte to 8 Bits

Download ETS Function Block (fbxml)
Download XML file



Upper Limit

The function block „Upper limit“ enables you to set a limit value for the output. In case the input exceeds this limit, the output will automatically delimited to the set limit

Download ETS Function Block (fbxml)
Download XML file

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