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Next generation System Access Point for ABB-free@home®

As the amount of connected smart home devices continues to grow, ABB has launched an upgraded System Access Point 2.0. for its ABB-free@home® system featuring a new design, new installation possibilities and an improved hardware for future, more demanding applications.

150% faster - 230% more devices - 100% downward compatible

With its smaller aesthetical design, System Access Point 2.0 includes an external power supply for easy installation.  It offers multiple mounting options including: table top with rubber feet to prevent the device from slipping or scratching the surface; wall mounted with the option to fasten the mounting plate to the wall or on top of a VDE flush-mounted installation box; and DIN-Rail mounted with optional adapter.

It allows up to 150 connections, in any combination of all wired, all wireless or a mix of both. If more than 64 wired devices are needed, a second power supply can be easily installed directly in parallel to the first, with no constraints on the minimum cable length required between both supplies.

For future proofing, the access point offers 2 USB ports and the new 1.2Ghz Dual Core Processor, provides 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi connectivity and an increased 512MB Ram.

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New mounting options

Table top

Rubber feet prevent the device from slipping or from scratching the surface.

Wall mounted

The included mounting plate can be fastened to the wall or on top of a VDE flush-mounted installation box.

DIN Rail mounted

A DIN Rail adapter is available as an optional item.

Power supply

The System Access Point can be operated directly with the included power supply.


  1. Button Installation Mode (on top)
  2. Reset (on top)
  3. Status LED (RGBW)
  4. Power supply (24VDC)
  5. USB 1
  6. USB 2
  7. LAN
  8. free@home Wireless external Antenna (optional)
  9. Rubber feet
  10. free@home Bus connection
  11. Connector for power supply via Bus cable (24V DC)