ABB FusionAir® Smart Sensor

Monitor and maintain optimal conditions for safety, comfort, and productivity!

Balancing the health and safety of building occupants while delivering a comfortable and productive environment with touch free control is now here.

The FusionAir Smart Sensor series provides a slim, compact, and visually appealing room control display with a high-definition capacitive touch backlit LCD display for use with ABB Cylon® FBXi and CB Line BACnet® field controllers. 

The intelligent temperature and humidity sensor allow users to view and adjust selected parameters within the field controller to which it is connected. Other sensing options available for integration with the CXproHD control strategy are CO2 or Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sensing.

Product highlights

  • Temperature sensor 
  • Relative humidity sensor 
  • CO₂ sensor or Volatile Organic Compound sensor 
  • Touch-free virus safe operation 

ABB FusionAir® Smart Sensor

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