ABB Cylon® smart building solutions

A holistic design for commercial buildings


Scalable solutions for environmentally conscious commercial facilities

ABB Cylon can help you integrate smart building solutions into the planning of new facilities, retrofitting to an existing site, or upgrading current systems in a way that optimizes return on investment and improves energy consumption efficiency. Start building your smart, safe, and sustainable building today.


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The ROI of smart buildings

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Consulting Engineer Benefits

When a consulting engineer chooses to work with an ABB Cylon Approved System Integrator they access the best in class HVAC control, flexible lighting control, exceptional room controls, shading control, emergency lighting, security access controls, coupled with intelligent sensors from ABB and energy management and monitoring tools to develop truly world-class smart building solutions.

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Watch the Webinar | The role of ABB Cylon® in a Smart Integrated Solution

Modern building design focuses on creating a safe, comfortable, efficient, and productive environment for people to work and live. ABB demonstrates how ‘SMART’ intelligent connected solutions that interact with other relevant systems and the building occupant can benefit the building owners and the occupants alike. Our focus is on Cylon BMS, Emergi-Lite, Energy Management, and ABB i-bus KNX that help mechanical and electrical systems operate in the most efficient way to help create the required safe, comfortable, efficient, and productive environments.




Webcast | ABB Cylon® Smart Building Solutions


Watch the webinar where we take you through the full portfolio of ABB Cylon® products and solutions and illustrate how they integrate with ABB to create a holistic building solution offering that now includes smart energy management, heating ventilation, and air conditioning control systems.

[Broadcast: February 2021]


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Interactive landscape


Explore the 3D space of ABB Building Solutions and discover the benefits for each building type, envisioning how the Building Performances fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Combining 'bricks and bytes' for a safer, sustainable future

Smart, connected technologies make it possible to engage with building occupants in new ways, while also driving down operational costs of maintaining business infrastructure with the aim of improving the bottom line. Powered by data, the buildings of the future enhance the quality of life.  

In a time of change for commercial buildings, smart tech leads the way

Building smart doesn’t have to be a challenge to profitability. In fact, smart technology creates significant opportunities to increase return on investment and meet tough environmental targets. Smart buildings also speed the adoption of green technology such as electric vehicles and solar power with clever integration. And for the far-sighted, technology may even change the role that buildings play in your portfolio.  

The cleanest kilowatt is the one never used: saving energy with digital energy and asset management

While there are several ongoing incentives for energy management and optimization, it is important to remember that it is quite often the condition of the assets that affect energy distribution efficiency. In this blog post, we highlight a few of the ongoing energy savings incentives, and how energy savings are closely connected to asset management. 

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