System Integrator benefits

ABB Cylon products and solutions, built on an open platform and offer flexible point configuration. Enhanced diagnostic tools and software provide for strategy simulation and testing, efficient commissioning and testing, resulting in a more robust solution with reduced installation, maintenance, and time on site.

Cost effective solution

CBX System with its ease of pre-configuration, simplicity of installation and expansion, and quick on module diagnostics means less time spent on installation and maintenance, delivering a cost effective energy management solution.

Flexibility to expand

CBX and CBXi share the same form factor. I/O points are located in the same position, and FLX modules are common to both CBX and CBXi controllers making the CBX System one of the most powerful and flexible controller families available. 

Extending I/O or future proofing a site is quick and easy with reduced inventory requirements.

Open platform

ABB Cylon BACnet controllers are BTL listed and offer unparalleled performance and flexibility on an open platform.

The CBXi Series can be used as an integration platform and natively supports the routing of either BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP or Modbus® RTU to Modbus TCP without the need for gateways or additional hardware.

Dual platform

ABB Cylon CB Line series BACnet field controllers feature the CBX System, CBT, and CBV Series. The powerful, freely programmable controllers are designed to work as part of our dual-platform offering and can be used as field-level BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP controllers for ASPECT® and INTEGRA™ building management solutions.

Easy to engineer and deliver

Data from CXproHD can be easily imported into ASPECT or INTEGRA making your project easy to engineer and deliver.  All point values are automatically populated and ready for immediate use in ASPECT-Studio™ or INTEGRA Niagara Workbench

Quick and easy installation

FLX I/O bus/power connection is achieved through a single plug connector, simplifying the installation process, and eliminating the possibility of misconnection between components of a CBX system trunk.

Pre-configuration of FLX expansion modules via the FLX dip switch addressing facility; reduces on-site installation time, simplifies setup and system checks, and reduces the skill level required for a hardware upgrade or expansion.

Efficient commissioning

Manual over-ride of UniPuts enables easy configuration, quick commissioning, and post-installation testing without the need to connect to the CXproHD engineering tool.

Over-ride of UniPuts can be undertaken through CXproHD or locally using the HOA facility where available. Hand/Off/Auto Local Over-ride function available for FLX UniPuts™ with ‘-H’ variants

Off-site simulation

Full strategy simulation features in CXproHD allow testing of strategies off-site, emulating the complete end-to-end strategy without the need to connect to the physical controller.

Simulation testing helps identify any problems or issues with strategies, allowing for more comprehensive engineering and more time effective and efficient commissioning on-site.

Reduced diagnostic time

CBX System software-free diagnostics to facilitate instant visual identification of wiring faults; status LEDs for all I/O points instantaneously providing a visual diagnostic and error status for each connected system point reducing problem-solving time and associated costs.

Flexible point configuration

The CB Line offers ABB Cylon's patented UniPut™ technology, a revolutionary answer to flexible point configuration allowing points on the controller to be configured as an input or an output, analog or digital, maximizing flexibility relative to programming changes as well as point capacity on the controller and utilizing less space in the enclosure.

Minimal engineering

CXproHD is a suite of software applications that allows all facets of ABB Cylon’s CB Line of BACnet controllers to be designed, engineered, programmed, configured, tested, commissioned and maintained with minimal engineering effort. CXproHD puts you in control of delivering energy-efficient systems.

Scalable solutions

  • ASPECT Web-based Building Management Technology
  • INTEGRA Building Management System based on the Niagara Framework®
  • Future-proof architecture with upgrade paths
  • Upgrading solutions

ABB Cylon System integrators also benefit from exclusive technical training, technical support, technical webinars, product release webinars, and technical and marketing documentation accessible via the secure online support portal.

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