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ProService portal

The ProService portal provides an overview of the customer’s installed ABB-free@home® system – with their approval.

Operating remotely, installers can see all the connected sensors and actuators and confirm which firmware version is installed without the need of being at the customers home.

Main benefits

Remote maintenance

If the customer requires assistance, the installer
can access the ABB-free@home® system via this portal to make the adjustments and changes.

Efficient response

The advantage both for the customer and the installer is a faster and more efficient response.
No travel time is required.

Simple operation

Integrated into the ABB MyBuildings portal means, the ProService portal integrates smoothly with other ABB-free@home® digital solutions. Everything is web-based with no USB interface.

Free trial

Installers are offered a free trial to familiarize themselves with the system. Installers can choose to provide this as a free service that promotes customer retention or as part of a remote maintenance and support package, offering the first year free of charge when purchasing an ABB-free@home® system.

Secure access by home owner

The system’s owner is able to grant access to the installer for a maximum of 24 hours.
Secure end-to-end encryption connects the ProService Portal to the customer’s System Access Point.


The system promotes trust and transparency by giving the customer complete visibility of any access or work on their system. The log shows the person, time and duration as well as any changes to the system – and customers are able to revoke access rights at any time.

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