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Enhanced wellbeing and comfort at home

Working seamlessly with the ABB-free@home® eco system, ABB Tenton® addresses room environment conditions, measuring temperature, humidity, and CO2. With up to 12 control options in one device, ABB Tenton® provides automation and control of heating and cooling systems and room automation, such as lights and blinds control. Additionally, the ABB Tenton® 4-in-1 device enables end users to measure VOCs for IAQ monitoring. All at the push of a button via one simple system. 

In terms of design, ABB Tenton® offers a clean and elegant approach for residential buildings. With the flexible option of flush or surface mounting, the multiple-purpose device can be harmoniously integrated into any architectural environment.

Reducing the need for multiple sensors and panels, the elegantly designed ABB Tenton® sensor is available in many options and colors and allows for customizable function and control elements via the ABB Tenton® online labeling tool.  

Novelties from Light + Building 2022

Learn more about ABB Tenton® for ABB-free@home® and our other innovations in the area of Smart Home and Smart Building.

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Enhanced comfort

Receive alerts and notifications via the ABB-free@home® App when anomalies are detected, allowing you to take corrective action if necessary. The ABB Tenton® 4-in-1 sensor also provides visual indications regarding the status of IAQ providing reassuring real-time indication of the safety level and quality of the air in the home.

Easy to install

ABB Tenton® is quick and easy for a professional electrician to install. Commissioning is straight forward and can be done via the App or online tool. There is no requirement for a specialist installer or system integrator, providing greater freedom for end users to work with their preferred supplier.

Ease of use

View and adjust control of lighting, heating, aircon, blinds and more either via the intuitive to use ABB Tenton® device or the ABB-free@home® App for convenient control from anywhere in the home, anytime.

ABB Tenton® range | Operating elements and sizes


Control element


Room temperature controller with CO2/ moisture sensor and control function


Control element


Room temperature controller extension unit with control function

Indoor air quality variants 

ABB Tenton® addresses the increasing demand for indoor air quality monitoring providing valuable information on four key defining air quality parameters: VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) CO2, Humidity, and Temperature.

ABB Tenton® places all the data at your fingertips – and you’ll be automatically notified if any of these elements exceeds the set level or designated air quality. You’ll then be able to adjust heating, air conditioning, and ventilation as required. 

6gang - Indoor Air Quality

Room temperature controller with CO2/ moisture sensor and control function

10gang - Indoor Air Quality

Room temperature controller extension unit with control function

Convenient control

Working seamlessly with the ABB-free@home® eco system, ABB Tenton® ensures your home’s overall air quality will be as you want it to be, always – giving you even more control and peace of mind. 

Quickly view the status of the IAQ of all the rooms in your home with air quality sensors via the APP.  The information is displayed in easy to read graphic format along side the current parameter values for CO2, VOCs, humidity, and temperature, allowing you to take corrective action if necessary. 

Customized for you

For the clear designation of the ABB Tenton® control elements a labelling tool is available online.  The tool enables you to position any text and instructive symbols individually for every product. The respective size can be freely selected from the recommended values. Your entries are displayed the way they will be seen later on the device. And this optionally on a foil in matt black with white text as well as aluminum silver or studio white with black text.

Overview of colors

studio white

aluminium silver

studio white matt

black matt

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Market availability: Q1 2023