Alarm System - KNX

Building surveillance and personal protection

The combination of professional ABB security technology components and ABB i-bus® KNX devices provides an optimum of building surveillance and comfort. All kinds of hazards (e.g. intrusion, hold-up, water and gas leakage or smoke detection) in the building can be monitored. In case of an alarm immediate notification via local or remote alarming takes place.

Main benefits
  • Security and comfort combined in a single device
  • Security for people and property

Main features

  • Automatic illumination and a realistic presence simulation can be triggered via ABB i-bus® KNX.
  • Security sensors can be used additionally for ABB i-bus® KNX (e.g. magnetic contacts for heating and cooling control)
  • Local and remote operation can be integrated into ABB i-bus® KNX

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