ABB SmartTouch® 10"

Elegant central control for intelligent homes and buildings

One device for three systems

ABB SmartTouch® 10” presents a high-end Touch panel that combines smart home automation and door communication in one device for residential applications, hotels, and commercial buildings. 

ABB SmartTouch® 10” offers home control of ABB-free@home®, or ABB i-bus® KNX, and the fully integrated functions of ABB-Welcome in one device.

In addition to a direct ABB i-bus® KNX / ABB-free@home® connection, the panel also has a direct two-wire connection for ABB-Welcome. 




Greater convenience and security

Featuring Integrated IP connection for mobile Welcome App, thanks to the build-in IP Gateway, there is no need for an additional indoor station for ABB-Welcome, door calls can now be simply received via the ABB SmartTouch® 10", or via the matching App.

Create a whole new dimension of home control - with maximum convenience, security and energy efficiency.

Create scenes at the touch of a finger

The high-quality capacitive display can be operated intuitively at the touch of a finger and with swipe gestures. This allows you to switch and dim the light, control the blinds and regulate the heating in the entire building.

Complete scenes can also be created from all these functions to quickly and easily create the exact environment you want.

And if you're planning on going outside you can access and view the weather forecast for the coming 5 days.  You can also use this online weather data display as a screensaver.

Elegant design solution to suit any interior

ABB SmartTouch® 10” slim stylish design features a 10” IPS screen with 1280*800 resolution with a viewing angle of 75° in all directions, for optimal control at a glance.

Only 14 mm from the wall and available in 4 sophisticated colors; stainless steel, graphite, gold, and rose gold, with either black or white glass, ABB SmartTouch® 10” is sure to enhance any interior design scheme.

Rose Gold
Stainless Steel

Intuitive handling for more convenience and control

Dashboards provide quick navigation and can be easily customized with favorites for quick and clear access.

ABB SmartTouch® 10" for ABB i-bus® KNX connections: A total of 450 control elements are displayed on a maximum of 25 pages providing extensive control of your environment.

ABB SmartTouch® 10" for ABB-free@home® connections:

Twisted pair connection provides a single dashboard page with a maximum of 18 controls. For additional control, connection via wi-fi delivers the same amount of control and features as the ABB-free@home® App.


  • Twisted pair connections for ABB i-bus® KNX, ABB-free@home®, and ABB-Welcome
  • Built-in IP Gateway for connecting the Welcome APP to the device for remote door answering
  • IP camera implementation
  • Online weather data display can also be used as a screensaver
  • Haptic feedback
  • Proximity sensor / brightness sensor
  • Binary input and temperature input
  • Flush mounting box: 6136/07 UP 

Award winning design

ABB SmartTouch® 10" has won several prestigious global awards for its innovative product design and user interface. Read the press release here.

Main Features

ABB SmartTouch® 10” offers home control of the ABB-free@home®, or ABB i-bus® KNX and the fully integrated functions of ABB-Welcome in one device.

Slim elegant design in a range of colours to compliment any interior scheme.

Dashboards provide quick navigation and can be easily customized with favorites for quick and clear access.

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