Carbon-neutral residential neighborhood in Maennedorf, Switzerland, thanks to ABB smart technology

Living without costs for electricity or heating

The new residential complex in Maennedorf, Switzerland, was built by the Umwelt Arena Schweiz in collaboration with Empa, the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, and the Klimastiftung Schweiz (Swiss Climate Foundation). It meets the demand for low carbon emissions raised by young people already today - including carbon neutral energy production and no costs for electricity or heating for the tenants.

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Carbon-neutral living

The two apartment buildings in Maennedorf, located at the Lake Zurich, offer space for 16 families. With photovoltaic modules installed on the facades and the roofs plus the two wind turbines, renewable electricity is produced locally. The production covers the energy demand for heating and cooling and the production of hot water for all residents. The future-oriented apartment buildings combine a variety of innovative, future-proof solutions that are already available today and enable the carbon-neutral operation of the residential neighborhood Maennedorf.

Smart home technology from ABB

The apartments are equipped with ABB's smart home solutions. With the ABB-free@home® system, the entire home can be controlled with either a switch, a touch panel on the wall, a smartphone or a tablet and via voice control. In addition, the ABB-Welcome door communication system can be integrated into the ABB-free@home® system. Both door communication and home control can be used together with the ABB-free@homeTouch 7" panel.

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