CDCM-series, depth 220 mm

Hot-dip galvanized cable distribution cabinets, with upper section

Kabeldon CDCM enclosures are the same as CDC but are fitted with an upper section which can be locked separately. CDCM 020 and CDCM 040 comes with a mounting plate instead of a busbar system in the lower section.
The CDCM range is suitable for construction of electrical distribution boards such as general distribution boards, power distribution boards in industry, construction site distribution boards etc where there is a need to integrate the equipment with kWh metering. The distribution boards are built to customer requirements, with direct metering or current transformer metering.

Main benefits

  • Stable, versatile enclosure, suitable for a variety of applications including distribution boards, junction boxes and fibre-optic cable,
  • Versatile foundation which can be angled to avoid protruding building foundations,
  • Hot-dip galvanizing gives a great resistance to corrosion,
  • Revolving seals on the sides of the enclosure makes it easy for temporary connections,
  • The embossed areas on the door are compatible with most common marking systems.

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