Kabeldon Cable Distribution Cabinets

Safe and reliable electrical distribution

Kabeldon Cable distribution cabinets provide a robust and safe solution with uncompromised lifetime. The cabinet provides a number of significant benefits such as continuous operation, space saving and fast installation. 

Continuous operation
Kabeldon cable distribution cabinets are designed specifically for outdoor usage and to withstand various environmental conditions. The parts  mounted below ground are reinforced with a polymer coating for heavy-duty corrosion protection. The cabinets are verified to withstand external mechanical impacts according to IEC 61439, arctic climate.

Speeds up your project
The Kabeldon CDC range is delivered with ground foundations as an integral part of the design, no separate mounting is needed. The cabinet is fully assembled with busbars and busbar supports, complete and delivered from the factory, ready for direct installation. The flexible foundation legs enable easy installation in various conditions. The modular dimension system enables quick and easy calculation of the space required.

Space saving
There is an 85 mm distance between the phase minimized height occupation to ensure ease of installation. The cabinets are designed to be a discrete object in public environments 

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