Ekip Power Controller

The exclusive Ekip Power Controller function, patented by ABB and available on new SACE Emax 2 circuit-breakers, monitors installation loads and generators, permitting the power consumed to be limited and allowing savings on electricity bills.

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Protection trip units for power control.

Ekip Power Controller, which can be used with all Ekip Touch trip units of the Emax 2 series, effectively helps to improve energy efficiency by managing the entire low voltage electrical system. It is, in fact, able to adapt the demand for power according to the availability of the energy source, the time of day and the costs indicated in the current pricing plan.
In this way Ekip Power Controller is able to maintain power consumption within the limits defined, thereby optimizing the costs of managing the installation and reducing emissions.

Reduction of energy costs with minimum impact

The loads are disconnected from the power supply for short periods, in the minimum number necessary and in a fixed order of priority, enabling power consumption peaks to be limited. This allows the contract drawn up with the energy provider to be renegotiated, reducing the power allocated, with a consequent reduction in total energy costs.

Power limited only when necessary

Ekip Power Controller manages up to four different time bands: it is therefore possible to respect a particular power limit according to whether it is during the day (peak) or night (off peak). In this way, consumption during the day when rates are at their highest can be limited.

Simple to install

Ekip Power Controller allows the installation to be managed efficiently with a simple architecture. Thanks to a patented design, it is sufficient to measure the total power of the installation without having to measure the power consumed by each load. Installation costs and times are thereby reduced to a minimum.

Ready to use

Ekip Power Controller does not require the writing, implementation and testing of complicated programmes for PLC or computer because the logic has already been implemented in the protection unit and is ready to use; it is sufficient to set the installation parameters from a smartphone or directly from the circuit-breaker display.

Improvement of the efficiency of the electrical system

Ekip Power Controller significantly helps to flatten the load curve, limiting the use of peaking power plants in favour of base load power plants with greater efficiency.

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