GE M-Pact & M-Pact plus

Air circuit breaker series originally launched in 1995 as GEC Alsthom M-Pact MK2, then updated as GE M-Pact & Mpact plus is now Obsolete

Rated from 400 to 4000A the M-PACT circuit breaker has been designed to meet the most stringent demands in fault detection and safe interruption thereof. 

The range has been developed to be aesthetically and technically coordinated with other protective devices within the GE Industrial product ranges. 
The breaker range has a common height and depth and is available in two physical sizes (1 and 2) in both fixed pattern and draw-out versions which can be manually or electrically operated.


Service solution

Retrofit kits

  • Hard Bus Retrofill for envelope 1, 2 with Emax 2 (IEC)
  • Direct Replacement for envelope T, 1 and 2 with Emax 2 (IEC)

Spare parts (limited availability)

Maintenance and repairs (with available spares)

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance


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