Low voltage power circuit breakers launched by General Electric in 1946 (AK) and 1977 (AKR) are now Obsolete.

AK low voltage power circuit breakers were predecessors of AKR designs and used in AKD-5 and earlier GE low voltage switchgear.

AKR low voltage power circuit breakers were intended for use in commercial, industrial and utility applications.
Designed for severe duty, AKR breakers were serviceable and suitable for mains, feeders and applications such as motor starting, capacitor switching/generator protection and resistance welding. They were fully rated; that is, the short time rating in most cases is equal to the short circuit rating providing the greatest opportunity for selectivity with downstream devices. The breakers were maintainable and met ANSI Standard C37.13 and C37.16, as well as applicable UL Standards. There were five frame sizes from 800-4000 amperes with short circuit interrupting ratings to 200 kA symmetrical short circuit without fuses. AKR circuit breaker were used in GE AKD-6 and AKD-8 low voltage switchgear as well as OEM’s.

Service solutions


Retrofit kits:
- Emax 2 Cradle-in-Cradle (for AK)
- Emax 2 Direct Replacement (for AKR) 
- EntelliGuard Trip Unit Upgrade Kits

Spare parts:

- EntelliGuard Trip Unit Replacements



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