GE WavePro

Low voltage power circuit breakers launched by General Electric in 1998 are now Obsolete.

WavePro low voltage power circuit breakers continued the long-standing experience and safety of the GE AKR breaker line. These rugged breakers were designed to withstand short circuit stresses equal to short time interrupting ratings, allowing maximum selectivity with downstream devices. WavePro breakers were used in power systems rated 208 to 600 volts and had current ratings 800 to 5000 amperes, with short circuit interrupting ratings from 30kA to 200kA rms symmetrical. Breakers were designed to ANSI standards, and carried a UL and CSA labels. WavePro breaker were used in GE AKD-10 Switchgear.

Features and Benefits:

  • True closed-door drawout design
  • Field-installable accessories
  • One standardized wiring diagram for all breakers with dedicated secondary disconnect and breaker accessory points
  • Trip unit display through the breaker escutcheon with metering and trip information
  • Two choices of solid-state trips with function and cost variability:
    • Power+ with basic overload and short circuit protection, and optional ground fault trip target
    • EntelliGuard TU featuring Waveform Recognition Instantaneous, Large backlit LCD and Status LED with options for Advanced Metering, Relaying, Waveform Capture, RELT, ZSI-I
  • Maintenance convenience and safety
  • Maximum selectivity with downstream devices
  • Minimum downtime

Service solutions

Retrofit kits:

- Emax 2 Direct Replacement

Spare parts:

- EntelliGuard Trip Unit Replacements


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